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Application Screening

Applicant’s profiles are carefully reviewed by Pangara team. If they have more than 3 years of experience, decent technical skills and strong passion for programming, they are qualified to the next round.

57% Pass

Psychometric Test

Candidates are required to complete a logical and a personality test on cut-e’s assessment platform. This measures their problem-solving and interpersonal skills in the working context.

17% Pass

Structured Interview

A structured interview is conducted to evaluate candidate’s English skills and dig deeper into their drive, passion and motivation. Only candidates with exceptional results are accepted.

5% Pass

Work Sample

The final step is a coding challenge on Devskiller platform - which evaluates candidate’s technical skills. Once they master the test, they will be admitted into Pangara’s exclusive network.


1 - 2


If you need to add one or two coders to a team, this is your option. Within a week we can set you up with a few top developers that suit your project needs.

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Power up your product development. Set up a team of talents who create real added value through cooperation with you. In the team, we appoint a team leader who supports you in daily development.

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Enhance your product development with maximum delivery capacity. Secure your resources over time with teams, team leads, and project managers at our office in central Saigon, Vietnam.

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Move from request to working together in under a week


Create a request on our platform. Before we find your matches, we’ll give you a call from our Sweden office.


Next, we’ll present you with the right candidates for your project. Interview as many as you like.


Hire the talents as resources, while maintaining full product ownership. Plus, Pangara is always there for you with personal support.

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“Malmöbolaget Pangara växer snabbt – löser programmerarbristen tack vare Vietnam”

As seen in

“Malmöbolaget Pangara växer snabbt – löser programmerarbristen tack vare Vietnam”

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