About Us

Pangara is a freelancer platform connecting top developers in emerging markets with clients worldwide. To ensure this, Pangara uses a customised and unique qualification process to gather and offer only the best freelancers out there.

Our founders are Swedish, our customers are global and our talents are world-class.

Our Story

Pangara was founded by three Swedish entrepreneurs who all had a background in hiring and outsourcing freelancer developers from all over the world. Over time, they realized that things needed to change when it came to the way companies found and contracted freelance developers. They knew the worldwide demand for top developers was already enormous and that it would only continue to grow but the current freelancer gateways were far from perfect.

So, they came up with an idea to combine aspects of traditional consulting companies with larger outsourcing companies and online freelancer platforms into one. They wanted to be able to offer the support and the reliability of a traditional consultancy with the low cost of an outsourcing company and the flexibility of a well networked freelancer platform.

After several meetings, iterations and many crispy spring rolls later, they finally found the solution and Pangara officially launched in 2016.

Our Value

Our Values

At Pangara, we aim to live our company values every day. This reflects on how we work together, as well as on how we work with our freelancers and clients. We strive to:

  • Be proactive
  • Always aim for quality
  • Be professional
  • Be passionate and happy
  • Have FUN together

Our Vision

Pangara will lead the market and redefine how companies find, connect and work with Tech Talent around the world.

Why Vietnam?

Why Vietnam?

Since we believe talent is everywhere, we're looking to highlight the top developers in emerging markets. Vietnam came as a natural starting point for Pangara for several reasons, but mainly the quantity, skill, and cultural fit of its developers. The country produces a large amount of software engineers, unlike many countries in the West. Around 100,000 software engineers graduate every year, a comparable figure to the USA, which has 3.5× the population. And the quality? Typically excellent. For example, in a study by HackerRank, Ho Chi Minh City University of Science ranks no. 3 globally in terms of skill.

Finally, Vietnam has a work-culture that aligns well with the western one. As a testament to this, big local investments into engineering R&D centers have been made by Apple, Intel, and Harvey Nash.

Our Founders

Fredrik Wesslén - COO & Co-founder of Pangara freelance platform

Fredrik Wesslén

COO & Co-founder


  • 25 years of experience in the IT Industry
  • More recently, 3 years as a key employee at eWork Scandinavia
  • Former CEO of two consultant companies in Sweden
  • Delivery executive and Tech pre-sales on eWork.
  • 15 years in the Swedish Armed Forces as a M. Sc./Captain.
  • Skilled in delivery, management, and product development
David Svensson - CEO & Co-founder of Pangara freelance platform

David Svensson

CEO & Co-founder


  • 15 years of experience in the IT Industry
  • More recently, 8 years as a key employee at eWork Scandinavia
  • Key person in building eWork Southern Swedish region
  • Sales Executive in eWork’s two largest outsourcing deals
  • Skilled in sales, sales management, and business development
Christopher B. Beselin - Chairman & Investor of Pangara freelance platform

Christopher B. Beselin

Chairman & Investor


  • CEO & Founder of Vietnam’s largest e-commerce company, Lazada.vn
  • Built Lazada.vn from 0 to 600 employees
  • CEO & Partner at a baby products retailer as well as MD & Co-founder of China's first student consulting company, SXL Group
  • Previously, involved in investment management at Cevian Capital