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Swedish roots. Global clients. World-class talent.

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Ho Chi Minh city

Our Story

Finding the right developer, at the right time, isn’t easy.

Anyone who’s ever tried knows this. It is time consuming, and it is a frustrating process. Among those who knew about this problem well, were three Swedish entrepreneurs.

From experience, they knew that the hiring process was often far from smooth.

And furthermore, they spotted a clear disconnect: The global demand for developers was huge. But the talent was distributed, and in many cases, hard to reach.

Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story

So they came up with a vision: They wanted to make a solution that combines the reliability and support of a traditional consultancy company, with the affordability of a large outsourcing company, and the flexibility of a freelancer platform.

After several meetings, iterations, and burnings of the midnight oil, they had the solution. Pangara officially launched in 2016 and is now part of the rapidly growing gig economy.

Our values

Flexibility Passion Access Quality Craftmanship

We believe that true skill stems from talent, passion, and desire.

We believe that true skill will control supply and demand regardless of national boundaries — where Pangara works in the middle — and delivery and flexibility will triumph over geography and nationality.

We believe in offering more opportunities to provide the market with demand.

Until the day that quality, craftsmanship, and flexibility are the only things that matter.

Our vision

Pangara will lead the market and redefine how companies find, connect and work with Tech Talent around the world.


The gig economy is booming. The world is going freelance. But why? In short, freelancers bring:


Hire and scale based on need.


Find what you need very fast.


Cut cost by more than 50%

>> Today, up to 90% of hiring managers are more open to hiring
freelancers as opposed to using traditional staffing agencies

Talent is closer than you think.

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